Publication: From 3D to 3D with PL Matrix

Publication: From 3D to 3D with PL Matrix

From 3D to 3D: isolation of MCSs into 3D hPL matrix (PL Matrix)

The article by Domenik Egger et al. demonstrates the advantages of PL Matrix over other comparable products. The article was published in the Stem Cell Research & Therapy journal and is titled „ From 3D to 3D: isolation of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells into three-dimensional human platelet lysate matrix“.

Isolating MCSs into a 3D environment

The authors developed an approach for the direct isoalation of MSCs from adipose tissue into a 3D environment while avoiding contact to a 2D plastic surface. To avoid this contact, our product PL Matrix was used to isolate the MSCs. Furthermore, the hydrogel serves as adhesion matrix and nutrient supply. This in turn causes a promotion of cell growth and proliferation, which lead to the result that more cells could be harvested from the PL Matrix. PL Matrix is so suitable for MSCs, because it is based on human platelet lysate (hPL) and thus better resembles the in vivo situation.

3D situation is more favourable for physiological cell behaviour

As the 3D cell culture environment enhances a cell behaviour that is more representative of the physiological environment, the isolation into a 3D situation is more favourable than a 2D situation. Furthermore, an avoidance of plastic surfaces is preferable as it contributes to a more natural cell behaviour.

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