ELAREM™ Prime I Research Grade

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ELAREM Prime – Human Platelet Lysate, anticoagulant required – EU origin

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ELAREM™ Prime is the world novelty enabling a simple switch from FBS to human Platelet Lysate. The product supports in vitro expansion of various cell types and perfectly suits the needs of FBS users.

ELAREM™ Prime is directly comparable with FBS, both in terms of price and cell performance. This enables a simple transition away from animal-based serum to animal-free media when using the product. Furthermore, the need for resource consuming batch testing is eliminated as ELAREM™ Prime is produced from large batches of platelet units to ensure batch-to-batch consistency, leading to more consistent and reproducible results. ELAREM™ Prime is manufactured from platelets obtained from healthy blood donors at licensed blood centres in the EU.

Please note: Don’t miss to use an anticoagulant with this product. The addition of anticoagulants is necessary to avoid clotting caused by fibrinogen.


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