PL BioScience PLSolution Research Grade
  • PLSOLUTION-XF GMP Grade is a 100% xeno-free and fibrinogen-depleted human Platelet Lysate for usage as cell culture supplement.

  • It does not require any heparin addition in cell culture.

  • The human Platelet Rich Plasma-derived culture supplement is manufactured under GMP conform conditions for use in clinical trials.

  • PLSOLUTION-XFGMP Grade enhances proliferation of multiple human cell types, particularly adult stem cells, e.g. MSC.

  • PLSOLUTION-XFGMP Grade is manufactured from platelet units obtained from healthy blood donors at FDA licensed blood centres.

  • PLSOLUTION-XF GMP Grade has been used to produce FDA-approved clinical-grade MSC for multiple Phase I cell therapy trials (Drug Master File available).

  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) are available for PLSOLUTION-XF GMP Grade.

  • PLSOLUTION-XF GMP Grade is provided in validated Nalgene® bottles in different sizes.