PL BioScience PLSolution GMP-Clinical Grade
  • PLCUSTOMIZED is a made-to-order cell culture supplement based on human Platelet Lysate designed to meet the requirements of your experiment. 

  • It is custom-manufactured according to selected parameters (e.g. blood donors' age, blood type, gender) whereby all criteria will be kept strictly confidentially.

  • PLCUSTOMIZED is designed for the small-scale process development needs of biopharmaceutical life cycles, protein therapeutics, biologics, vaccine expression or small-volume testing prior to GMP scale-up.

  • PLCUSTOMIZED is derived from human platelets containing abundant growth factors and cytokines. Just like PLSOLUTION, PLCUSTOMIZED is 100% animal serum-free. 

  • PLCUSTOMIZED is manufactured from platelet units obtained from healthy blood donors at EMA licensed blood centres.

  • PLCUSTOMIZED is provided in validated Nalgene® bottles in different sizes.