Our Vision

Health is our most precious commodity.

Therefore, we at PL BioScience do our best to enhance the advances in regenerative medicine with our human Platelet Lysate. We are forward-looking and commit ourselves to bridging the gap between research and clinical applications.

Our story

Our story goes back to 2015 and the idea to deliver animal component-free and safe cell culture tools.

Today, we have changed the possibilities of cell culture:
Researchers switch from Fetal Bovine Serum to our animal suffering-free products.
Stem cell therapy benefits the regeneration potential of our platelet-derived products.
And we keep moving forward.

Our Offer

  • We offer a standardised, qualified and GMP conform human Platelet Lysate for use for research and cell therapy.
  • Our product portfolio is distributed worldwide through our local partners. This proximity to our customers allows us to respond optimally to their needs.
  • Our customers from research, clinics, cell banks and the pharmaceutical and therapeutic industry appreciate the high quality standard of our products and our fast and tailor-made support.
  • Discover our broad portfolio, which includes standard human Platelet Lysates, fibrinogen-depleted and gamma-irradiated human Platelet Lysates, customized products, the patent-protected 3D matrix and much more.


PL BioScience is dedicated to deliver cell culture solutions to support the development and clinical implementation of cellular therapeutics

PL BioScience is a young, ambitious and dynamic life science startup. With its operational start in 2015, PL BioScience offers a portfolio of novel products and innovative technologies for cell expansion in research and clinical applications. The company aims to accelerate the translation of basic research into cell therapy, regenerative medicine and therapeutic products.

Our Quality Statement

Quality is important to our business. We value our customers, and therefore strive to provide our customers with products and services, which meet and even exceed their expectations.

  • Our cell culture supplements are derived from out-dated human platelets which are subjected to a freeze-thaw process to induce growth factors release.
  • Obtained from multiple donors units (>300 units) pooled in large batch sizes to produce a consistent product with minimal lot-to-lot variation.
  • Each donor unit is tested and approved for human use.
  • The consistent supply of donor platelets helps stabilize availability and pricing.
  • All products are adequately filtered, tested and certified as mycoplasma-free.
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Any questions?

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