Human Platelet Lysate-related questions

+ - What is human Platelet Lysate?

Human Platelet Lysate (‘hPL’) is a human platelet-derived solution, which represents the basis of our products.

The human Platelets we use to manufacture our products are recovered from blood donations, where they are tested and admitted for use in humans.

After a few days, Platelets are not applicable for transfusion purposes anymore and usually are thrown away. That is the starting point of a recycling process: We use the idle human platelet units to produce our products.

+ - Why should I change from FBS to your human Platelet Lysates?

Replacing FBS (Fetal Bovine Serum) by human Platelet Lysate allows for expansion and potential clinical-grade production of stem cells by eliminating xenogeneic risks and the transmission of bovine prions. Our human Platelet Lysate products are standardized and safe cell culture supplements ensuring a high cell performance and reproducible results. We offer a large product portfolio in different application grades to support bench experiments as well as clinical applications.

Furthermore, Human Platelet Lysate contains abundant platelet-derived growth factors and cytokines, which stimulate cellular proliferation and maintain differentiation potential. Changing from FBS to human Platelet Lysate has the advantage that cells proliferate faster, resulting in a greater number of cells in a shorter time. Moreover, tedious batch testing is eliminated if you use our products. We ensure reproducibility due to a minimal lot-to-lot variation. So there is no need to stock up your freezer in advance. Consequently, working with human Platelet Lysate saves you time and money.

+ - What should I consider if I want to change from FBS to human Platelet Lysate?

There are no restrictions if you change from FBS (Fetal Bovine Serum) to human Platelet Lysate.

The only thing that could occur whilst the first 2 passages, is a slight downturn in cell number since cells briefly need to adapt to the changed supplement. Afterwards, you will be rewarded with faster cell proliferation, achieved with a smaller amount of human Platelet Lysate than FBS: 5% of our PLSOLUTION replace up to 10% FBS.

+ - Which cell types can be cultivated with human Platelet Lysate?

Our human Platelet Lysates support the maintenance of numerous cell types. Due to its high amount of growth factors and cytokines, human Platelet Lysate is predestined to expand Mesenchymal Stromal Cells and Dermal Fibroblasts. Furthermore, it supports the growth of Epidermal Keratinocytes and Endothelial Colony Forming Cells.

Since we take the feedback of our customers seriously, we have created an anonymous cell database to collect proven knowledge about the performance of our products on various cell types. If you have a question regarding a specific cell type, let us know and we will share (anonymous) information.

Product-related questions

+ - How much PLSolution should I use?

PLSOLUTION shows optimal growth of MSCs at a concentration of 5% (vol./vol.). Our experience has shown that this concentration generally achieves best results. However, some of our customers even use less than 5% (vol./vol.) of PLSOLUTION and are very satisfied with the cell performance.

Nevertheless, for higher cell proliferation rates, we recommend to use 10% (vol./vol.) of PLSOLUTION.

+ - Why is it necessary to add an anticoagulant with PLSolution?

The raw platelets contain coagulation factors, including fibrinogen, to react to a bleeding by initiating a blood clot. PLSOLUTION retains some of the fibrinogen. Adding anticoagulant to the medium before adding PLSOLUTION prevents clotting reactions in the culture medium.

We also offer fibrinogen-depleted human Platelet Lysates in different application grades, e.g. PLSOLUTION-FD Research Grade / PLSOLUTION-FD GMP Grade and PLSOLUTION-XF Research Grade / PLSOLUTION-XF GMP Grade. For these products, the addition of an anticoagulant is not required. 

+ - After thawing PLSolution, I observe particulate formation. What does that mean?

Once the PLSOLUTION-supplemented culture medium is stored in the refrigerator at +4 to 8°C, accumulations of clotting or insoluble particles can occur. Don’t worry! Particulate formation has no impact on the cell culture performance. We have measured the function and can assure that there is no effect on the results.

If you are bothered by the accumulations, we recommend centrifuging the pure PLSOLUTION or filtering the complete culture medium after diluting in the basal medium, e.g. our enhanced Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium PLMEDIUM-KIT.

+ - Do you offer any pathogen-reduced culture media?

Yes, we do. All our products marked with an “i” are gamma-irradiated GMP-Clinical Grade products. Both fibrinogen-depleted human Platelet Lysates PLSOLUTION-FD and PLSOLUTION-XF are available in a pathogen-reduced version.

The gamma-irradiation offers the utmost safety of the product against viral infections. Due to the production process, our pathogen-reduced product range complies the high safety guidelines for cell expansion in clinical and therapeutic environments.

Discover our pathogen-reduced products PLSOLUTION-FDi and PLSOLUTIONXFi.

+ - Which of your products are xeno-free?

All our human Platelet Lysate products are xeno-free, except the PLSOLUTION-FD. It is a fibrinogen-depleted version of our human Platelet Lysate that, during the production process, came in contact with minimal amounts of porcine anticoagulation.

If you want to use a 100% xeno-free, but also fibrinogen-depleted Platelet Lysate, you should take note of our PLSOLUTION-XF Research Grade / PLSOLUTION-XF GMP Grade.

+ - What is PLMatrix?

PLMATRIX is our innovative and patent-protected two-phase cell culture system based on human Platelet Lysate. PLMATRIX provides a suitable animal component-free 3D matrix for cell culture and offers a uniform distribution of growth factors throughout the cell culture system.

Cells can grow in several layers at the interface layer, which minimizes contact inhibition with any artificial biomaterials. The viscous consistency of PLMATRIX enables non-enzymatic cell passaging with a convenient harvesting and reseeding procedure.

Discover our PLMATRIX.

+ - For what kind of applications is PLMatrix suitable?

Our patent-protected PLMATRIX covers numerous 2D and 3D applications. PLMATRIX provides a nutrient-containing scaffold for 3D cell culture, 3D bio-printing and coating.

+ - Can I use PLMatrix for clinical trials?

No. Our 3D cell culture system is applicable for Research Use Only (RUO). However, we are currently working on a Clinical Grade version of our PLMATRIX to provide a 3D culture system for your clinical trials.

+ - How long can your frozen human Platelet Lysates be stored?

Our products are stable until the expiry date stated on the product label.

All PLSOLUTION products need to be stored frozen at -20°C (or at -80°C for longer-term storage) until used.

PLMATRIX is most stable when stored at +4°C until use.

General questions

+ - How can I place an order and how long is the delivery period?

You can acquire our products via our product page, where you find an overview of all products and prices. Please select a product, choose the required size and add the item to your shopping cart. After your order has been completed you will receive an automated confirmation. As soon as we have processed your order, you will receive the official order confirmation.

Please note that the lead time is between 2 and 10 days, depending on the desired products and the destination country. Delivery times are indicated in the product details.

Visit our product page and place an order.

+ - How much are the shipping costs for international orders?

Additional costs (shipping, duties, import taxes or charges) may become payable in case of deliveries abroad.

In order to make sure the concrete amount of your delivery including shipping costs, please send us a request or order the desired products via our product page. In both cases, we will send you an order confirmation including the shipping costs.

+ - I need a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) – how do I get it?

Usually, we send you a CoA directly with all GMP and GMP-Clinical Grade products. If other, just contact our Technical Support indicating the appropriate product and lot number. We will send it to you as soon as possible.

+ - How do you provide a steady quality of your products and services?

We work with a Quality Management System to safeguard work processes and procedures. Our Quality Management System provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.

We are committed to offering and manufacturing safe products for research and GMP conform uses. To ensure our high quality, we monitor our suppliers, measure quality objectives, carry out regular audits of our internal processes, provide training for our employees etc. Our internal procedures are reviewed regularly.

If you have any questions regarding our Quality Management System, please feel free to contact us.

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