Research Grade

GMP-Clinical Grade

Research Grade


Stem cell expansion in animal-free conditions represents a major challenge for the production of human cell therapy products. To date, Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS)  is still widely used in many clinical-grade culture laboratories as growth supplement for cell culture.

Replacing FBS with human Platelet Lysate (hPL) allows for expansion and potential clinical-grade production of stem cells by eliminating the risk of  xenogeneic immune reactions and transmission of bovine prion and viral pathogens.

hPL contains abundant growth factors and cytokines derived from platelets which have been shown to stimulate cellular proliferation and maintain phenotype and differentation potential of human stem cells.

PL BioScience offers a standardized, Xenogeneic-free and GMP-conform human Platelet Lysate to close the gap between basic research & clinics.


PL BioScience PLSolution Researche Grade
  • Manufactured to meet the needs of basic research and development
  • Supports the in vitro propagation and maintenance of various human cell types
  • More cost effective alternative to serum-free media
  • Provided in validated Nalgene® flasks in different sizes


PL BioSciece PLSolution GMP-Clinical Grade
  • Manufactured unter GMP conformed conditions using high quality raw materials
  • Manufactured for use in GMP compliant cell culture SOPs
  • Process performed within closed system using sterile connections
  • Provided in Cryo-bags


PL BioScience PLMatrix Research Grade

Innovative two-phase cell culture system for more standardized

cell expansion protocol

  • Provides a suitable 3D-matrix for cell culture that consists of the same components as the over- layered culture medium (PLSOLUTION)
  • Offers a uniform distribution of growth factors throughout the cell culture system
  • Cells can grow in several layers at the interface layer which minimize contact inhibition with any artificial biomaterials
  • The viscous consistency of PLMATRIX
    enables non-enzymatic cell passaging with a convenient harvesting and reseeding procedure