ELAREM™ Perform-FD I GMP Grade

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ELAREM Perform-FD – Fibrinogen-depleted Human Platelet Lysate, no anticoagulant required – GMP Grade – US origin

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ELAREM™ Perform-FD GMP Grade is a fibrinogen-depleted human Platelet Lysate of US origin. As a cell culture supplement, ELAREM™ Perform-FD GMP Grade supports in vitro expansion of various primary cells and cell lines.

Due to the fibrinogen-depletion process, ELAREM™ Perform-FD GMP Grade does not require anticoagulant addition. As a result, application workflows are simplified. Traces of a xeno-free anticoagulant may be present in the human Platelet Lysate.

Each batch of ELAREM™ Perform-FD GMP Grade is produced from large pools of platelet units to ensure batch-to batch consistency and enable reproducible conditions.

ELAREM™ Perform-FD GMP Grade is manufactured under GMP conform conditions using high quality raw materials. Furthermore, the production process is performed within a closed system using sterile connections. ELAREM™ Perform-FD GMP Grade is manufactured from platelet units obtained from healthy blood donors at licensed blood centres in the US.

Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) are available upon request.


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