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ELAREM™ Perform-FD PLUS GMP Grade – Fibrinogen-depleted, clot-free Human Platelet Lysate, no anticoagulant required or added – EU origin

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ELAREM™ Perform-FD PLUS GMP Grade is a fibrinogen-depleted and anticoagulant-free Human Platelet Lysate of EU origin. As a xeno-free and easy-to-use cell culture supplement, ELAREM™ Perform-FD PLUS supports the efficient and safe in vitro expansion of various primary cells and cell lines. ELAREM™ Perform-FD PLUS GMP Grade is suited to cell culture applications that are subject to regulatory requirements but do not require viral inactivation steps.

Due to a unique fibrinogen-depletion technique, ELAREM™ Perform-FD PLUS is a clot-free and anticoagulant-free Human Platelet Lysate. As a result, the product neither requires the addition of anticoagulants in cell culture nor during manufacturing. That makes ELAREM™ Perform-FD PLUS a ready-to-use Human Platelet Lysate that is widely applicable, since the absence of anticoagulants offers even more convenient cell growth conditions.

ELAREM™ Perform-FD PLUS is manufactured under an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System. Each batch is produced from large pools of platelet units. That ensures batch-to-batch consistency and enables reproducible conditions. ELAREM™ Perform-FD PLUS is manufactured from platelet units obtained from healthy blood donors at licensed blood centres in the EU.

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