PLSolution-FD I GMP Grade

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Fibrinogen-depleted human Platelet Lysate, GMP conform, no heparin required – US origin

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PLSOLUTION-FD GMP Grade is an animal serum-free and fibrinogen-depleted human Platelet Lysate. As a cell culture supplement, PLSOLUTION-FD GMP Grade supports cellular growth.

Due to the innovative fibrinogen-depletion process, PLSOLUTION-FD GMP Grade does not require any heparin addition in cell culture. Some traces of a pharmaceutical heparin may be present in the growth promotor.

PLSOLUTION-FD GMP Grade is manufactured under GMP conform conditions. The human-derived growth promoter supports the expansion of various human cell types in clinical trials, particularly adult stem cells.

PLSOLUTION-FD GMP Grade is manufactured from platelet units obtained from healthy blood donors at FDA-licensed blood centres.

PLSOLUTION-FD GMP Grade has been used to produce FDA-approved clinical-grade MSCs for multiple Phase I cell therapy trials (Drug Master File available).


Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) are available upon request.

PLSOLUTION-FD GMP Grade is provided in validated Nalgene® bottles in different sizes.


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